Lifelong Tools that Grow with You

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Your career journey changes throughout your life, and we are with you each step of the way. Learn more about yourself, your options, and how to create a plan to make your career dreams a reality.

Your account stays with you as you grow. When you save careers, schools, scholarships, reflections, and resumes, you are building a library of knowledge that you can draw on for years to come.
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​Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Trek into a simple and fun exploration of careers, community, and self-discovery! This K - 5th Grade adventure has a stop along the way for each grade that engages students with games, interactive art, and multimedia features.

Best of all, CareerTrek is complete with curriculum and is in both English and Spanish!

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Start Trekkin to learn about Careers, Community, and Self-Discovery

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What careers do I see in my community?

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Do I like working with people, ideas, or things?

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Which work values are important to me?

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What characteristics do I want in my career?

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Can I use my interests in a career?

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What are employability skills?

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​CIS 360 Middle School

​​You have many interests, hobbies, and experiences. These can all help you find career options for your future that you will enjoy! Use CIS 360 Junior in Middle School to learn more about yourself and make a plan for high school activities, classes, and beyond!


One of the best ways to explore careers is to understand more about yourself. Use surveys to discover your interests and values and find careers that fit you!

My Career Plan

Your Career Plan helps you learn more about yourself, the world of work, and careers. Use this powerful tool to set goals and develop skills for high school and beyond!

Career Clusters

There are so many more careers than what you see everyday in your community! Explore careers in clusters to learn about jobs you might not have known about!

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​CIS 360 High School

Whether you are trying to decide what to do after high school or looking to make a plan to reach your goals, the more you know, the better career and education decisions you will make!

Discover more about yourself, explore careers, and research education and scholarships that can help you get there. Everyone's career plan is different. Create your own individualized plan using your personal interests and goals.
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Self Knowledge

Your interests, values, preferences, and skills are important when considering career options. Use self-surveys as a launch into your career and education research.

My Career Plan

Stay on track with career and education activities for each year of high school. Set goals, track apps, and create plans for your future. Design your own resume!

Career Research

There is a lot to consider when thinking about your next steps after high school. Explore different careers. Learn what people do, how much they earn, and how to prepare for a career.


Most careers require some kind of education. Explore schools, programs of study, and scholarships that will help you get there. Create your  plan and learn about FAFSA.